Jeremy A. Gross

Web Developer

I am a Full Stack
Javascript Developer.

My name is Jeremy and I'm from New Jersey. I graduated from Rutgers. I attended a coding bootcamp at Rutgers and have built a significant knowledge base centered on client-side and server-side Javascript, as well as basic HTML and CSS.

In addition to the work showcased below, I have a decade's worth of management and communications experience. But I am in this field for one reason: to write web applications, and to learn new languages, libraries and technologies.

HTML5, CSS3, CSS Frameworks

I build static websites and templates using HTML5, CSS3 and CSS frameworks - including Bootstrap and Materialize.

Javascript, including ES6

I write client-side code in Javascript, and am versed in both traditional JS and ES6.

Jquery and Handlebars/Templating

I am well-versed in everything from selectors to AJAX. Often, I use Handlebars templating to render data dynamically.

Git, GitHub, and the UNIX Command Line

I use Git and GitHub for version control. I rely on the BASH shell for file manipulation.


I know MySQL, and am comfortable doing both raw SQL queries and working with ORMs like Sequelize.

MongoDB / Mongoose

As a Javascript developer, I'm at home using Mongo DB and have built applications using Mongoose to access data.

NodeJS and Express.js

I use NodeJS to write server-side code, and Express for routing and authentication.


When a SPA is needed, I turn to React to write UI components.

Portfolio Summary

Recipe and Meal Planner App

As lead developer of group project, guided team to build an app that allows users to search and browse recipes. User builds grocery list and meal schedule. Showcases use of APIs, material design-themed Bootstrap UI, and Node/Express/MySQL backend.

Entertainment Ticketing/Venue Search
Geolocation App

App allows user to search for live music events by geographic area, and to watch preview videos of performances. Highlights: use of Google API ecosystem, including Maps/Geolocation API, Youtube and Youtube Search APIs.

News Article Discussion Board App

Uses webscraping (via Cheerio/NodeJS) to search for and store news articles. Users write and respond to comments. Mongoose and MongoDB used for data model. Extensive use of Handlebars templating and Jquery.

Handlebars / MySQL / MVC 'Burger App'

Written as an exercise in the use of the Handlebars templating engine, MySQL, Sequelize ORM and NodeJS/Express. Implements MVC design pattern.

Personality Test / Friend Matching App

Uses questionaire to match participants based on answers to questions about worldview / moral beliefs. Interface written with Materialize UI framework. Built as an exercise in use of ExpressJS.

React-based News Search App

React.js used to provide dynamically updated list of news articles. Feature allows to store articles for future viewing. Uses React, including React Router, for view layer, along with Node and MongoDB for data persistence.

Apparel Business Inventory App

Project currently in development for a custom sports apparel distributor. Automates process of sending production orders to manufacturer and silk-screening company. Interface written using React. Back-end uses Node.js and MongoDB. Built for use with Shopify E-commerce platform.

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